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Zeno Clash information thread of brutal sibling violence (Homer, Foolz, Edge, Punk buy it)
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Thu, 21 May 2009 19:57:22

Okay what's this Zeno Clash thing?

It's a independent, PC exclusive action game of Chilean developer ACE team. It's a first person game, with great emphasis on brawling. But the thing that stands out the most is the setting of the game. It's just plain weird. Describing it, would do no good, so watch these two trailers instead. The original trailer and the second trailer.

The premise is weird too. You are Ghat an exiled member of a huge family, after killing his 'parent' father-mother, a huge bird like hermaphrodite creature. Ghat's many  siblings are not happy with his actions, and are out for revenge. The game takes place in the weird wilderness of Zenozoik. 

^^Look it's the Hamster


Is this game actually good?

Yes it is, check the reviews.

Eurogamer 8/10

Gameplay is violent and straightforward. Make the other 'people' fall over and bleed. When they do, kick them violently in the spine so they stay there. Combat is involving and complex. An array of punches, kicks, blocks and combos connect with hugely emotive thwacks, squeals and squelches. 

It feels violent. It makes me feel pretty violent. I'm easily immersed in games, yet I'm a pacifist on the whole. Often I found my jaw clenched with vicarious aggression, a feeling in my hind-brain which I usually associate with too much cider and the wayward form of Gabriel Agbonlahor. The immediacy is surprising - even given the outlandish nature of the world I found myself drawn in, feeling every blow dealt and taken.

ACE Team has clearly poured its heart and soul into Zeno Clash, creating a wonderful universe which it would be criminal to abandon after this single title. It's easy to wonder if the game could have been something grander, given the time and development resources, a sprawling open-world quester, a quirky first person adventure, even a multiplayer fighter. As it is, Zeno Clash remains a fantastically involving and solid fighting game, enhanced by being set in one of the most imaginative and beautiful universes in the medium.

IGN 8.4

It's safe to say that Zeno Clash wouldn't work as a big budget game from an established studio; it's far too different from convention, which would mean it's far too risky a project for them. But it's a perfect example of how some of the best and most original ideas are coming out of independent teams that have talent and passion and can take risk because they're not gambling with tens of millions of dollars. Zeno Clash sticks with you long after you play it, and that's a compliment many games aspire to have associated with them.

Okay sold, where do I buy it?

You can buy it on Steam or Direct2Drive. On release it was around 15 pounds, but it might be different now. So check it out PC people. So Homer, Foolz, Edge, Punk and everyone that has a capable PC buy it.

Oh and we already have confirmation of a sequel. 

The story takes place after the first game but once more follows outcast Ghat, who's up against new and old problems, according to ACE Team's blog. Father-Mother and Golem are to return, plus there's a raft of new characters to get to know.

The sequel aims to be "much larger" and have more open-ended gameplay. Exploration will play a bigger role and ACE Team is stirring some RPG elements into the mix. And, phew, the unflinching first-person combat returns to be "even more brutal".


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Thu, 21 May 2009 20:51:49

Iga_Bobovic said:

^^Look it's the Hamster

Looks like some sort of demonic Flintstones Hamster. LOL

Edited: Thu, 21 May 2009 23:50:22

The VG Press

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Thu, 21 May 2009 23:19:22
I have the demo but havent gotten to try it yet. It does seem like a great original idea though, something I really wish there was more of lately.


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Fri, 22 May 2009 01:04:22
I want to play that. Sad
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Fri, 22 May 2009 02:47:38
I was trying to, man, I was trying to! Then the one week I didn't check weekend Steam sales they had it for $10 pre-order! Sad

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