The VG Press is the end-result of a group of gamers driven to find themselves a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable gaming community site.   Including the typical gaming site staples such as discussion forums, a regular podcast, personal blogs and game reviews,  as well as a unique news aggregation feature which allows users to bring attention to news relating to gaming from all over the world.  This feature, which was developed far ahead of the many mob-source sites to follow, provides a unique one page view of several news stories at once making it a favorite stop for anyone wanting to catch up on the news of the week.

GG Weekly is our video game news aggregation hub where the members of our community (including you) can post stories of interest from around the web.  It is also the conversation pit of The VG Press, where you can talk about the stories posted, what you've been playing or anything else you want to get off your chest.

GG Weekly was named after the inspiration for our web site, a web newshound called Gamingeek, who lead a rag-tag band of gaming conversationalists from a major gaming site into the promised land.

The Press Room is the podcast of The VG Press.  Broadcast weekly, and hosted by Jamie (DarthHomer) a noted games journalist and podcaster.  Jamie is joined regularly by Derek (Yodariquo), developer of The VG Press, Benjamin (Foolz), noted feminist avant garde author and David (Dvader) video game completion expert.   SteelAttack and other members of The VG Press also make guest appearances from time to time.  The Press Room is available for download in both MP3 and OGG formats.

The Forum is where you can have more focused discussion on topics relating to video gaming or anything else of interest.  Feel free to start a new topic or comment on one that is already started.  Don't fear moderation for bumping old threads, using a smiley, posting a single word response or any other minor infraction.  Also, unlike some other gaming sites, you can use the words style and class to your hearts content.

The history of the site is extensive.  The origin stems from the blog of Gamingeek, which acted as a community hub of conversation.  Due to an excess of moderation, the blog was moved elsewhere, only to fall prey to technical issues.  The Gamingeek Weekly featured debuted in blog during that time, and proved a further rallying point.  Despite workaround hackery, it was ultimately decided to move elsewhere after a cross-site scripting exploit proved the blog completely unsafe.

On June 21, 2008, the review site of Yodariquo, Y-REVIEWS, was rebranded as Insert Coin.  Added were GG Weekly and blogs in order to centralise the community and focus on the needs of the users, rather than work around the limitations elsewhere.  During this time the site was on various servers, including self-hosting, and was the foundation of The VG Press.  Content posted in GG Weekly, as well as reviews and blogs from that time are still in the database and viewable, which is why the GG Weekly archives go back to June of 2008.

The site launched officially as The VG Press on November 2, 2008, which also marked the debut of the Forum.   To represent the news delivery emphasis of the site, The VG Press site name is a play on one of the more popular newspaper naming conventions (with VG standing in for Video Gaming).

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