I read something over at Eurogamer (as I always seem to do before I come up with some questionable blog topic), where someone was stating that games seem to have matured along with their audience, evolving from hard and obscure things requiring a lot of free time, to pieces of entertainment that hold your hand as not to impose too much on your limited free time.  Well let me tell you my personal view on the matter, the afforementioned point of view is bollocks and shows a near unprecedented level of navelgazing.

The idea that the demographic of gamers that grew up with the NES and other consoles of that era, and are now in their 30's and 40's is the focal point of game development is highly unlikely, given that there are just as many gamers out there in the age bracket of 16-25 who probably have an equal spending pattern and still have eons of free time to invest in gaming.  Now I'm not excluding the possibility that we now have devs that grew up on games and are creating games with shortcuts because they themselves realize they don't have spare time to burn anymore, but I find it more likely that gaming has changed because they have been following the same traject as every other form of interaction: oversimplifying to accomodate to our more and more lazy mindset.  (incidentily the English language doesn't seem to have a word to properly convey my meaning, that of laziness being looked down upon as a sin.  Should anyone know of a word that covers this succintly, please do enlighten me)  We don't have to remember telephone numbers anymore, or be able to find our way based on big maps, or really remember anything anymore these days, so why should we put up with games that ask more of us than actual life does?

So yes, in my opinion it's just coincidence and we grew up in a time where games, in line with everything else, have become much easier.  We are the generation of the lazy!

I'm hopefull though, with some games bucking the trend and being proud of demanding more from those who play them.  On the other hand, even Monsterhunter has dumbed things down in World to appeal to the masses, so it might be too soon for any hopefull sentiment.

Posted by SupremeAC Tue, 14 Apr 2020 16:22:17 (comments: 4)
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