I had a nice little fun surprise last night. For Christmas my wife bought me a second controller for the PS4, insisting that my son and I should try to play more games together. He is now 13 and reaching that oh so pleasant age where parents are just lame.

Anyway, since I had downloaded the Atari
Flashback games from PlayStation now, as kind of a joke we thought we would have him play Combat with me. Kind of show him what life was like in 1980.

Much to my Surprise he actually enjoyed it. He definitely complained about the controls, which in fairness we all did even back then. but once he figured it out it was actually beating me too. And after a couple rounds I was ready to hang it up and he asked if we could keep playing. Good times.
Posted by robio Mon, 20 Jan 2020 13:32:23 (comments: 7)
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