So this series got totally scrapped because I got MGSV early. But due to popular demand I shall finish it! But do so in the most lazy way possible.

MGS2 - I was super hyped, bought the game day one. Read the manual, saw that you play as some blond haired punk that they have never shown, I shrugged and thought he would be playable for a tiny section of so. Loved the tanker, was confused when I started to play as raiden and never switched back to snake. The ending left me as lost as colonel sanders did at the end of matrix 2. Amazing game but a disappointment compared to the first.

MGS3 - I was super hyped but I was convinced the trailers were all an elaborate ruse and you don't play as big boss the whole game. I was wrong again and was happy to be wrong because MGS3 was everything I wanted. A masterpiece from start to finish with the best bosses ever and greatest ending in a game.

MGS4 - I was super hyped, those trailers had the greatest graphics I had ever seen. MGS4 was the epic conclusion to the series and it had every element that made the series great. It was an homage while breaking new ground with stellar gameplay. I loved it all except the stupid ending with big boss.

MGSPW - Took me years to play this game as I waited for it to hit the PS3 collection. Another great game but the bit sized missions took away from that conematic MGS feel though when the story missions happened it still was very exciting. The bosses were terrible though and the end game stuff is tedious.

MGS Ground Zeroes - woo I get to pay to play a large demo! It was worth it, MGSV gameplay is so good even one location offers more things to do than most action games. It was just a taste of the amazing to come.

MGSV - I was super hyped, I knew it would be the greatest game ever made. Well it wasn't but it might be the best game I have played mechanically, it's amazing the things you can do. Story and structure was a let down though. There is also the issue about chapter 3 and how it

And that concludes the history of Metal Gear.

Posted by Dvader Wed, 02 Mar 2016 14:45:26 (comments: 6)
Wed, 02 Mar 2016 14:58:37
If we pay for some DLC can we get any additional information?
Wed, 02 Mar 2016 16:10:00
Will read later
Wed, 02 Mar 2016 16:29:29
robio said:
If we pay for some DLC can we get any additional information?

Lol, you can pay for Dvader coins which you can turn into additional paragraphs. Or you can wait and slowly earn Dvader coins for free but that may take years to unlock a new paragraph. Your choice.

Thu, 03 Mar 2016 02:47:55

"Chapter 3 and how it"

Deliberately leaving that thought unfinished?

Thu, 03 Mar 2016 15:50:34
That's the joke.
Sat, 05 Mar 2016 15:18:57

Call me crazy, but it sounds to me like you were super hyped to play basically every game in the series.

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