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Circa 2015 I got a message sharing a mutual love of terrible movies, and has been a struggle to make sure we can continue to be the Statler to the other's Waldorf.

This has involved meeting in the mutually accessible Chicago proper and delight in Costa Rican cuisine, only to find ourselves trapped in a dazed and confused uber that made me 30 minutes late to my return bus (which was even later).

A sudden and insane series of housing emergencies resulting in moving her from Wisconsin to Windsor in a weekend to stay for 5 months while waiting to start a PhD program.

Moving her in a little Kia hatchback with a trunk full of books via a 10 hour car drive, and stumbling into a strange unmarked diner/bar room where a patron remarked about Judy taking a swing at him, leading to be tired enough to find Pizza Hut enjoyable.

And navigating the American immigration system to get myself south of the border in a matter of 3 months.

So this weekend we made sure we made sure nomatter what happens, Monica and I will continue to make it through. This weekend we got married.

This is us!

In April we took a trip to Scotland, and stumbled upon tweed clothes which we immediately loved. Neither of us had goto really nice clothes, and Monica has zero interest in dresses, so we invested in these.

Signing the license
Doing the deed and signing the license. In Pennsylvania there are "self-uniting" marriage licenses which just mean you can solemnize the marriage with just signatures of the partners and witnesses, with no justice of the peace required. It comes from the Quakers, but due to the first amendment, has to be made available to everyone.

Shake on the Deal
We shake on a business deal well done.

Rather than a full crazy wedding us two introverts would hate, we had two little get togethers. One in Canada and one in the US, signing the license in the US.

Next up I'll be applying for an adjustment of status to change from a temporary work permit to a permanent resident green card.

I've had some serious ups and downs over the years, emphasis on the downs, but this place has been a rock to carry me forward, even if I've failed to keep up lately. Thank you to everyone here as I wouldn't have made such a life without you, and hope to continue to do so!
Posted by Yodariquo Sun, 15 Jul 2018 20:50:44 (comments: 21)
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